QHSE and Values

Vision and Values

Who We Are:

  • We are a deepwater drilling company working in the oil & gas sector industry
  • We have and operate an innovative rig design
  • We provide a safe, efficient and reliable operation


Take advantage of our design to capture a significant share of the global deepwater market over the next 10 years

Strategic Themes:

  • Recruit, develop and train an international workforce to deliver premium quality services throughout our organization.
  • Enhance our existing design to extend the operating capabilities of our rigs to meet expected market demand.
  • Build strong, long term, relationships with key suppliers and construction yards and continuously improve project execution to capture costs benefits of building and operating our rigs.
  • Deliver best in class QHSE performance by building a company culture where we take responsibility for each other’s wellbeing, the operation of our equipment and our impact on the environment.
  • Deliver continuous improvement in operations - focusing on providing efficient and cost effective solutions to client needs.
  • Deliver an excellent return to our shareholders by providing a valuable service to our customers and the communities where we operate. We will demand the same commitments from our suppliers.


  • We treat everyone with respect, and value the diversity of ideas and cultures within our Company.
  • We are committed to support each other in order to achieve success.
  • We communicate openly and honestly.
  • We deal with each other and all issues in a professional manner.
  • We operate in the highest ethical standards.
  • We will not compromise HSE or integrity.


Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and taking care of the environment and delivering quality in everything we do, are core business principles to Sevan Drilling.


The QHSE Management System is established with participation from the employees, ensuring acknowledgement and commitment.


Sevan Drilling promotes and supports the "HSE Zero mindset". Sevan Drilling believes that all accidents causing harm to people and environment can be prevented by being proactive in its approach to QHSE.

The Quality policy promotes and supports customer focus and commitment to the activities undertaken by Sevan Drilling.

Continuous Improvement is one of the main focuses in the policy.

QHSE Management System

Sevan Drilling has an established QHSE Management System (MS) that is electronically based and available and accessible on the Sevan Drilling Intranet worldwide. Supporting IT systems are in addition implemented to quality assure QHSE processes as well as business processes. The QHSE MS is designed on the basis of the principles found in both legislation and internationally recognized standards for management systems. The QHSE MS is certified by DNV to the listed standards below.


ISM - Code International Safety Management Certified by DNV in 2009
ISPS - Code International Ship and Port Facility Security Certified by DNV in 2009

Group Policies

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