Financial Calendar

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The financial calendar 2016 for Sevan Drilling is as follows:

Upcoming Events

Date Event subject Outlook
24.08.2017 Second quarter 2017 results
21.09.2017 Annual General Meeting
21.11.2017 Third quarter 2017 results

Past Events

Date Event subject
24.05.2017 First quarter 2017 results
28.02.2017 Preliminary fourth quarter and financial year 2016 results
22.11.2016 Third quarter 2016 results

Please note that the dates are subject to change

Sevan Drilling will publish its quarterly results at 08:00 am CET. The results will be available at the company‘s website, at Oslo Børs‘ Newsweb and at selected newswires and online newspapers.

The company normally holds an open presentation the same day. The dates, times and venues are subject to change. Changes will be communicated through stock exchange notifications.

For further information, please contact:

Scott McReaken, CEO

Sevan Drilling Management AS

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