General Meetings

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The General Meeting

All registered shareholders have the right to participate in the General Meetings of the Company, which exercise the highest authority of the Company. The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held before 30 April every year. Where appropriate, the Board will seek to propose a person independent of the Company and the Board to chair the General Meetings.

The notice for General Meetings shall be sent to the shareholders no later than 21 days prior to the meeting, unless a shorter notice period is deemed sufficient and is allowed for by the Articles of Association and the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act. Where appropriate, efforts should be made to arrange for representatives from the Board and the Company’s auditor to be present at General Meetings.

Notices for General Meeting shall provide information on the procedures shareholders must observe in order to participate in and vote at the General Meeting. The notice should also set out: (i) the procedure for representation at the meeting through a proxy, including a form to appoint a proxy, to allow for shareholders who are unable to attend in person will be able to vote by proxy and (ii) the right for shareholders to propose resolutions in respect of matters to be dealt with by the General Meeting.

Below, you will find notices and minutes for the General Meetings.

Annual General Meeting 23 September 2016

AGM – Notice and proxy statement

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