Sevan Brasil

The Sevan Brasil was constructed at the Cosco Qidong Shipyard in China. In July 2012, the rig began working for Petrobras S.A. under a 6 year contract in Brazil. .
  • Design:Sevan 650
    Building year:2012
    Yards:Cosco Shipyard, China
    Client:Petrobras S.A.
    Contract:6 year fixed
    Field/area:Pre-salt Brazil
    Start operation:EQ2 - 2012
  • Water depth3,000 m (10,000 ft, upgradable to 12,000 ft)
    Drilling depth12,000 m (40,000 ft)
    LOA (Length)86 m
    Breadth75 m (at waterline)
    Depth24.5 m
    Displacement55,800 mT at 12.5m draft
    Variable deck load20,000 mT
    Diesel generators8 x 5,535 kW
    Thrusters8 x 3,800 kW
    Station keepingDP3
    Living quarters150 persons
    Helicopter deckSikorsky S92 and S-61N, Superpuma AS332L2, EC225 and EH-101
    Deck cranes2 ea, max capacity: 100 mt at 15 m
    Oil storage150,000 bbl
    Mud storage2,850 m3
    Transit speed7-9 knots
    Deck area5,700 m2
    Riser tensioning systemDAT - 3,200 kips
    Drilling lifting capacity1,000 ton
    Set back load1,000 mT
  • TypeParallel operations. Independent handling of BOP and X-mas trees
    Hook load, main/aux908 mT
    BOP18 3/4", 15,000 psi, 5-6 rams (upgradeable to 7)
    Mud pumps4 x 2,200 hp, 7,500 psi