Sevan Developer

In May 2011, Sevan Drilling entered into a contract with COSCO for the construction of Sevan Developer, based on the same design as other Sevan Drilling Rigs. Sevan Developer delivery is deferred and will occur upon securing an acceptable drilling contract.  Delivery deferral period has options to extend through October 2017.

  • Design:Sevan 650
    Building year:2013 and 2014
    Yards:Cosco Shipyard, China
  • Water depth3,000 m (10,000 ft, upgradable to 12,000 ft)
    Drilling depth12,000 m (40,000 ft)
    LOA (Length)86 m
    Breadth75 m (at waterline)
    Depth24.5 m
    Displacement55,800 mT at 12.5m draft
    Variable deck load20,000 mT
    Diesel generators8 x 5,535 kW
    Thrusters8 x 3,800 kW
    Station keepingDP3
    Living quarters150 persons
    Helicopter deckSikorsky S92 and S-61N, Superpuma AS332L2, EC225 and EH-101
    Deck cranes2 ea, max capacity: 100 mt at 15 m
    Oil storage150,000 bbl
    Mud storage2,850 m3
    Transit speed7-9 knots
    Deck area5,700 m2
    Riser tensioning systemDAT - 3,200 kips
    Drilling lifting capacity1,000 ton
    Set back load1,000 mT
  • Type Parallel operations. Independent handling of BOP and X-mas trees
    Hook load, main/aux 908 mT
    BOP 18 3/4", 15,000 psi, 5-6 rams (upgradeable to 7)
    Mud pumps 4 x 2,200 hp, 7,500 psi